Lighthouse Prophecy was established as a direct leading from the Holy Spirit. Our prayer is that you will pray and discern the words shown on this site. It is also our prayer that these words bless you with understanding and revelation, providing new direction for the Church.

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10Jan 17

2017 – A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Everything I spiritually hear about 2017 relates to "overcomers" and the rising tide of God's favor upon them. A marked difference will occur during the next 12 months, such that…

08Sep 16

The Paradoxical Kingdom

It is a safe assumption that there are two kingdoms that compete for our affections daily – the kingdoms of this world and the Kingdom of God. One insist on…

27Aug 16

Advance The Kingdom – Embrace Change!

I have often contemplated the dynamic of change and growth, as all growth requires change. In any area I desire growth, change must occur. Where I remain the same, I…

14Aug 16

The Key To Your Inheritance (Which Is Upon You)

As many prepare to enter the promises of God, they find themselves in the 'land of contradiction;' a place of undeniable difficulty and hardship. They have heard the promises of…

01Aug 16

The Shift Is Beginning

The shift is beginning; first fruits are appearing as manifested sons awaken to the power and authority invested in them. I awakened this morning with clear words in my spirit,…

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