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2006 A Revealing of Gods Sons

“The Kingdom of God is forcefully advancing, and violent men take it by force.”

2006 will offer the first blush of the fullness of God. Those who are touching the Kingdom will see God as they have never seen Him. Who are these men you ask? Those who have recognized that “violent men” are obedient men; men who hear and obey, men who seek God with all of their hearts, men who do not move lest they hear the Father, those who have learned “That of their own selves they can do nothing” (John 5:30). “Violent” in the above scripture denotes radical, which is a departure from the norm, in seeking, hearing, and obeying.

2006 will reveal many true Sons, who for the most part have been hidden for many years. Only those earmarked for “Sonship” will truly have a revelation of true Sons. They will not be recognized by their exploits, gifts, or even the miraculous, though there will be much of that to see – they will be recognized by the humility and character of God within them.

The next great move of God in the earth will be the Kingdom of God. This revelation will come through God’s Sons (Those led of His Spirit – Romans 8:14) revealing God’s government in their lives. They are about God’s business God’s way; and He in turn takes care of theirs because the greater (taking care of His business) always includes the lesser (Him taking care of their business).

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