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2006 A Year Fraught With Significance

Dear List Members,

Most who know me know that I am not a ‘doom and gloom’ sort of guy. Even in the prophetic sense, not much has been shown me that aligns with ‘doom and gloom,’ yet on January 6th, 2006, I felt I heard the Lord say the following: Please judge it by your spirit, as time will reveal its truth or lack thereof.

In Him,


“Accept the authority I have given you (placed within you) and grow in spiritual statue. When you do not accept and act upon the authority I have given you in specific (and general) situations, you will become the victim. Trust in the authority (and word) I have placed within you even more than the circumstances you may face. Remember, boldness is timidity’s greatest enemy.

2006 is not just another year, but a year fraught with significance. I am deepening your sensitivity to My Spirit that I may guide you to specific resolution. I will begin to now build upon the foundation of revelation I have placed within you. 2006 will be an extraordinary year for you as you grow in maturity in ‘MY WAY’ (the Kingdom).

The advancing Kingdom will produce Kingdom events and Kingdom events will reveal emerging Sons. CHANGE WILL ABOUND in the earth (catastrophic events) as Kingdom Authority will arise like a Phoenix out of the ashes. Men in spiritual authority will be placed in authority in the times ahead. As ‘the world’s system’ weakens ‘the Kingdom’ strengthens; as those in the world’s system experience chaos, conversely, those in the Kingdom will ‘grow and become though they do not know how.'”

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