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2009 A Year to Build Upon the Foundation

Through a series of God-appointed circumstances, Tracy and I found ourselves back in Hinesville hosting a meeting with members of our ‘old’ out of Church, ‘No Name Church’ group. Some in the room have walked together spiritually for over a quarter century, and others for far less time, but never-the-less during great times of spiritual intensity, breakthrough, anointing and God’s power. We soon realized that we were sitting in the very room where much of our spiritual journey began in the early 1980s, and acknowledged that the walls in that special room had also witnessed our fist ever Divine miracles, astounding revelation, and promises of a Destiny filled life.

This meeting was supernaturally appointed a week before, which gave us all time to pray prior to meeting last night, Saturday, January 3rd, 2009. A number of things happened during our meeting that could have escaped significance if only viewed in the natural; but gain extreme importance if perceived in the spirit. The first, and most obvious fact was that a reconciliation of individuals who are baptized into the Body together, not of their choosing, (but of Gods) came together in spite of past differences, hurt feelings, perceived rejection, and division. The mere act of ‘assembling’ destroyed the stronghold of ‘division,’ and consequently little was said about it other than confessions of allowing division to have its way among us. Division is the devil’s greatest tool in destroying the work of God! Man’s pride gives place to this diabolical oft used device of the enemy.

It soon became obvious that a strong spiritual hunger was common to all who attended. The hunger ranged from a rekindled love for each other, to a strong desire to move together in God‘s will. The centrality of moving together seemed in support of what others are doing in both ministry and marketplace endeavors. In a sense, it was as if we had never missed a beat with the love, flow, and strong Spiritual presence of God when we met; but in reality, we all knew that years actually separated the last time we had come together for His purposes. A true joy began to touch our spirits, praise erupted, the Spirit fell, and ministry began. As we ministered to each other, a true ‘Body Ministry’ revealed itself once again as we have all concluded many years ago, the one man show is over. Needs were met, prayer answered, and even some degrees of deliverance took place. What a joy to be in the presence of the Lord with God’s appointed Body.

As with most of our past meetings, there seemed to be a touch of all five-folds of ministry, and those who stepped forward to minister in their respective calling brought insight, direction, and confirmation to our lives individually, as well as to this New Year – 2009. We are living in prophetic times! The highpoints of this insight seemed to reflect that 2009 would be a year of both judgment and fullness, a year in which ‘obedience’ is key to fullness and ‘disobedience’ is key to judgment – both will come swiftly in this New Year. Hearing and obeying God will require greater ‘death to self,’ and as we give ourselves over to the things of God, and yield entirely to His direction, the light in us will shine brighter in the increasingly dark world around us. Death to self brings the life (light) of God; and “precious is our death (to self) in His sight” (Read Psalm 116).

What took place in our home last night was a ‘back to the basics’ approach in our walk with God. I personally concluded, from what can only be described as one of the most important ‘assemblings’ I have ever been part of, was a return to our ‘first love.’ It is so simple, so pure, and so real – it is God’s unconditional love, which produces peace that passes understanding! In that love is healing, restoration, joy, and demonstration of His power. May God’s hunger return to our hearts. May our love for the Body immerse us to such an extent that we “forsake not the assembling,” and NOW BEGIN TO BUILD UPON THE FOUNDATION THAT HAS BEEN LAID.

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