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2017 – A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

2017 – A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Everything I spiritually hear about 2017 relates to “overcomers” and the rising tide of God’s favor upon them. A marked difference will occur during the next 12 months, such that ‘His blessing’ will be pronounced in both the natural and spiritual realms. It is obvious and undeniable – these ‘overcomers’ are ‘light’ to the dark world that surrounds them. The wheat is being separated from the chaff, and the ‘walkers’ are becoming the new ‘talkers’ by virtue of their undeniable testimony. Preaching (the main mode of sharing the gospel) will yield to demonstration (the word made flesh), as overcomers arise through testimony.

Truth needs no defending, as the doctrines of men fade to God’s Kingdom on earth – a government that rules the heart of true sons. These arising sons, and their overcoming testimony, is exactly what the whole creation is groaning for. Manifestation creates light, and light draws light, and convergence occurs – pieces and parts joining the previously disjointed body, making it a functioning whole. What God has ‘joined’ together, let no man separate. The True Body of Christ is joining in His purpose, not man’s, connecting in fulfilling His script written in advance for their lives.

The fools of religious doctrine will fight this true move of God, relegating the very elect to religious assignments far away from their true gifting and calling. An ‘awakening’ much greater than ‘The Reformation’ is occurring, setting men free to the assignment of His choosing. This move is producing deep discernment within the hearts of men ‘to know’ exactly where they belong. Much of this is centered in what religion terms secular – be not fooled by this doctrinal foolishness. Awaken, hearken, and proceed with confidence.

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  1. This really struck a chord with me i have had to rely on the Lord as there was pressures coming internally and externally once i would have cracked and given in to sin or pride it took 5 years to get where i am to say it was easy is an understatement.It was more like a gradual death that lead me to a dependency on God.As we move into 2017 i sense there has been a shift i believe God is about to step it up and we will see him touch lives and hearts for him.The time is right for a move of God.

  2. I, too, have felt like the Lord has renewed my understanding that our very testimony is, in fact, a weapon to be used in our overcoming. It has risen up strongly in my spirit, to help draw out of His people the “weapon” of their individual testimony. I believe that we have not seen or understood it for the weapon that it is.

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