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A Warning to Shepherds

My sheep were called to graze in rich pastures, not sheep pens built by men. This Pharisaical system will fall in days and weeks to come, for even now My Spirit cries out to LET MY PEOPLE GO! My order has never been to pen the sheep, yet many Shepherds out of their own insecurity have felt the need to build spiritual sheep pens, which they have refused to unlock. Unless the attitude of Pharaoh is changed, these pens will be dismantled.

Shepherding does not require penning the sheep. Release my sheep now and be spared the judgment that is sure to come. Many are hearing my warning for the last time! Alas, you will see my hand of judgment that you have never feared. You cannot serve mammon any longer – your fear in releasing my people is based on your fear of losing their money for your programs, agendas, and physical buildings that are not of my doing. Awaken Shepherds, the time is near and the collapse of your empire imminent, if in haste, you do not heed this warning – LET MY PEOPLE GO!

Only those with ears to hear know I am doing a new thing in the earth – I am calling the parts of the Body that are called to be joined, even the exact places they should live, yet the spirit of Pharaoh ruled by mammon blocks these parts from connecting. My Kingdom is advancing and no man can stop it. Those that are called to be joined will be joined – LET MY PEOPLE GO!

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