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Dysfunction Versus Kingdom Order

I awakened this morning with the words ‘detail-structure-order-Kingdom-blessing-favor-glory,’ all running through my head in precisely that order. Again, the words in sequential order - “detail-structure-order-Kingdom-blessing-favor-glory.” Having just gone through one of the most advanced Kingdom lessons of my life, through…

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A Peep Ahead – 2012

2011 has proven to be a year of twisting and cranking God’s remnant into ‘God-appointed Kingdom order.’ It has been unusually tough, characterized by intense suffering, as fight or flight is the usual alternative when adversity strikes, yet neither has…

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The Point of No Return

MONUMENTAL SHIFTS Monumental shifts have been occurring within me and with others who are seeking the kingdom of God first. Everything Holy Spirit has revealed as to His purpose and plan for this new season is coming forth as He…

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