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Darkness Is A Sign Of The Invisible Light (Arising)

Terrorist are the personification of evil, emanating from a hatred so deep and vile that death awaits any and all who don’t think like them. The mayhem we see in Iraq and other parts of the Middle East is a genuine reflection of the ‘hour’ is which we live. The level of evil is more like what was seen in Mid-Evil times, as the most heinous of hu…man atrocities is occurring. Mass killings, ethnic cleansing it is called, is exacerbated by the sheer brutality of these deaths.

As such darkness occurs, so too is the light appearing, as His Kingdom is emerging within His Army. It is hard to deny that a ‘second coming’ of sorts is occurring as now thousands worldwide have experienced an ‘awakening’ of Christ within. Is this a sign of the time of ‘The Kingdom,’ when the systems of men bow the knee to the Kingdom of God?

Massive change, once only spoken in futuristic prophecy, is now a contemporary ongoing occurrence. These changes are being felt, witnessed, and experienced by individuals, families, businesses, churches, ministries; virtually every sector of the Body of Christ. Incredibly, this massive change ‘within’ is individually experienced, but corporately displayed – a true ‘inside out’ work of God.

Yes darkness is being revealed in ways not witnessed since Nazi Germany, but the light that is shinning within God’s people is getting brighter by the day. Something is coming, and God is getting His people ready. Decrease that He may increase. Sense Him within you; yield to His power and strength allowing His wisdom to guide you. It is no longer about man and God, but God! – Christ in us, the hope of glory. It is not I that live, but Christ in me. Yield and let the light arise!


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