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Kingdom Coalition

Repost January 1, 2010

We are no longer in transition; we have given birth. We have come to the end of the term 9/9/09. We have crossed over and now find ourselves in a new era – a time which will produce physical evidences of the emerging Kingdom. The first such evidence is revealing itself as appointed ‘forerunners’ are beginning to identify each other. They know who ‘they are’ (having been through many years of trials and testing – Acts 14:22) and recognize ‘others’ with similar spiritual DNA. As this initial ‘identification’ process completes itself, we will move into a time of ‘uniting’ – coming together for common purpose (not necessarily in a geographic sense).

As has been written, Ishmael (works of the flesh) seemingly always precedes Isaac (works of the Spirit). We have seen it in past ‘moves’ such as the prosperity message and moves to form Christian Coalitions. These moves started with revelation, but quickly shifted to man’s doctrine for man’s purposes, which eventually eroded the work. We are moving toward a ‘coalition,’ but one of God’s choosing, which will perform His purposes upon the earth – a Kingdom Coalition. This work will release powerful signs of the Kingdom upon earth. Those who have been appointed to initiate this effort recognize the ‘human hands’ element of organization and purpose – they abhor it!

Many of these initial forerunners will come from the marketplace, as the marketplace will be the first arena in which Kingdom evidence will reign supreme. The current economic crisis will produce men and women (in the market) who will produce solutions. Their wisdom and application, much like Joseph, will be recognized for what it is – God favor! Even Pharaoh will recognize this supernatural gifting. Those steeped in religious doctrine will never recognize this move of God and will even oppose it, failing to understand that arguing a man’s doctrine is fruitless in the face of his testimony (Revelations 12:11). Truth cannot be recognized by those not appointed to see it! Opposition is part of the design, and serves great purpose in driving us to the throne – expect it!

This initial appointment will involve ‘forerunners;’ who, as they have always done, pave the way for the Body of Christ. For the most part, these men and women will be no name nobodies without large ministries, TV and Internet exposure, databases of names, and the typical ‘human hands’ World’s System approach. The Spirit of the Living God is stirring this ‘gathering.’ The trumpet has sounded. Let the gathering begin!

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