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Fleecing The Sheep

As always I ask that you judge the word. This warning has been rolling around in my spirit for some time. As those who visit this site know, my prophetic leanings have been more toward writing and posting articles with prophetic insight, not direct prophetic words as what appears here.

I will close this intro with a word the Lord gave me several years ago, “A NEEDY man can chase money like a pagen (Matthew 6:32), just as a GREEDY man.” God must always be our source. My point here is simple: Be careful not to get caught up in the hype of a so-called spiritual leader simply because you have a need. The deception here can operate at the highest level because it is “CALLED” God and appeals to our need.

Pray for discernment, the most needed gift in the Body of Christ today!

 (Prophetic Word)

Though my warnings have been given, my word has not been heeded. The fleecing of my sheep continues. My sheep have been fleeced for their resources of time, money, and energy, and yes, this continues even among the very elect. While leaders will be held accountable for these efforts, the sheep too play a part: Like lambs to the slaughter you follow leaders who appeal to your flesh – money, position, prestige and influence. Awaken my people to the deadness of this activity and to the lifelessness that it produces. Do you sense my joy in your new cathedral on your soft seat? Do you sense my joy in your lofty position before men? Has the promise of wealth and prosperity brought new revelation and spiritual understanding? Woe to you who continue on this path, as you will soon sense a departure of my Spirit!

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