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Forerunners: Recognize The Times

We are living in a time in which God’s presence on the whole earth has never been greater. These times (Kingdom Age) have specific characteristics, and much will be written about this in the future as the Lord is equipping His Saints with an understanding of the unique characteristics of the Age we have just transitioned into. Today, however, I want to mention one key characteristic that is as inevitable as the law of gravity, and that is the law of “immediate consequence.” This era, unlike others, is producing immediate consequence for sin and obedience alike, and the first experiencing this phenomenon are God’s designated forerunners.

Alignment – straight up and down flow and goverance of the Spirit is now a requirement for all who make up the ‘Forerunner Company.’ To step outside that flow is to bring immediate consequences. To stay in the flow is to experience ‘Red Sea’ miracles. The reality of this truth is being experienced by any and all who are marked for ‘the forerunner call’ during these times.

To experience the fullness of these times we must come into the fullness of statue with Christ – pressing toward obedience, and avoiding disobedience at all cost. I do not offer this truth as theory, but from testimony (Revelation 12). We are living in Revelation 12 times.


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