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Lakeland – Transition Church Age to Kingdom Age

Dear List Members,

I write this as a letter to you rather than the normal article, or even the occasional prophetic Word. I write it to report what I see from my vantage point ‘on the wall;’ and, I tell it as a story – a journey of transitional measure from one age to the next. This could, as time will prove, be the most humbling message God has allowed me to be a part of as it relates to a move of God, which not only signals a changing season, but of much greater importance, a changing era. In my humble opinion, I sense we are moving from the Church Age to the Kingdom Age. This pronouncement is neither unique, nor exclusive as others have sensed this for years.

I tell this story and report this from a series of events, occurring for the most part since the birth of 2008, and continuing through last night, June 14th, 2008. Many other spiritually significant prophetic occurrences in past years evolved into gaining understanding about 2008; but the events of this year seem to bring great clarity and focus upon what is about to happen. Additionally, parts of this message was birthed through much pain, difficulty, and chaos during most of the last three years of my life. As I belly-ached to God during these times, He would only say that there is little effective testimony without the fire of test – “I am doing something in you; allow me to continue.”

On Sunday, June 1st, 2008, the Lord said, “Recognize what I have done in your life through the fires of affliction – I have brought you to a place of complete surrender; a place in which you will not move without FIRST HEARING MY VOICE – the second circumcision.” As I pondered the “second circumcision, I realized that the first circumcision was the circumcision of my flesh; while the second represented the full circumcision of my heart – complete surrender, or probably better stated, complete surrender as I know it today…I have a feeling this will continue the rest of my life. The Second Circumcision (Romans 2:29) is however, a place of complete heart surrender, and obedience to God. Circumcision brings us to covenant promise, and covenant promise brings us into victorious life – a powerless Church is transitioning to power as the heart’s of men are surrendered to God.

Those who have been through the Second Circumcision will return to the Father much the same as the Prodigal Son. God will indeed call a banquet (times of refreshing) in their favor, and will bless them immeasurably as He (the Father) rejoices in their return (complete surrender). As with other moves of God, this call to the Father’s house is corporate, and not totally an individual thing. It is more a result of the ‘times’ than simple individual inspiration or aspiration. Hence, what is taking place in some, is also taking place in many – a remnant Body is being corporately touched.

This letter, I think, tells a prophetic story that points us to, perhaps, the next great move of God – a move that is without any ebb in its strength, power and demonstration until our Lord returns. Historically, every great move of God in the earth had its roots in God, and its demise in man. Can we fathom, can we imagine, a move so powerful that it is without ebb?

No Seer can report what he does not see. I have remained mostly silent for the last three years because I have seen little in the way of Spiritual significance. In no way do I mean to diminish what others have stated, decreed, or ministered as prophetic truth during this period. I “see through the glass darkly,“ and only mean that what I see is a small part of the whole. I have noticed that the prophetic gift in me seems to historically have its greatest anointing in the arena of understanding as it relates to significant seasons and times. I am a spiritual dullard without the anointing, and honestly feel no need to impress myself or others with ministry apart from strong anointing. Any attempt to move outside of these boundaries, even when well intentioned, has failed. Old manna, or worse yet, man-contrived manna, is stale intellectually based information, which will neither nourish nor bring life to those needing the ‘bread of life.’

Whale-sized egos are not limited to political, sports, and entertainment figures; but also thrive in the Body of Christ, and drive the message of many modern day prophets, TV evangelist, and local pastors alike. Take heart; the new era will signal an end to much of this as God freely dispenses the gift of discernment within the Body of Christ. In fact, we have recently crossed a threshold, and entered into a new season in which the gift of discernment will sweep the Body of Christ to such an extent that ministries of improper origin will be revealed; the deception exposed, and perpetrators deposed from positions of authority. It is high-time that the deceiver, who has been encamped in God’s own house, be exposed and deposed. I say this against no man, but rather the Spirit that has controlled many denominations, churches, and church leaders throughout recent Church history. This is another sign that we are indeed transitioning from Church Age to Kingdom Age.

As stated, what I see coming is not unlike what others are seeing. I will mention some of these by name, and pray that I accurately interpret what I have heard them say. It is accurate to mention that God has used Arthur Bert, Charles Newbold, the Burns, Bill and Marsha, and Randy Milligan to break new ground of prophetic truth in me. There are others, but the aforementioned have had strong influence on what is written here. To that end, I hosted a God-directed, small (in number) meeting with Arthur here in Hinesville last night, June 14th, 2008. This meeting, unlike past meetings with Arthur, was one that involved other prophetic gifts in the room; or, what has come to be known as Body Ministry. Body Ministry, for those not familiar with either the term or the function, is simply an evidence of the ‘five fold ministry’ (as opposed to the one-fold). It encourages the ministry gifts of others to operate. There is much written about this on our website (, so I won’t belabor the point here, other than to say that the substance of what is written here came through seven of the people present at last night’s meeting.

Any accurate and true prophetic revelation, especially as it relates to seasons, eras, and moves of God seems to come in stages – line upon line, precept upon precept: time related prophetic truths that build to tell a story from which new direction flows. Last night’s meeting confirmed much of what has been said for some time. As far back as late 2005, we began to sense much change in the Spiritual landscape of the Church. Many had left Church, joining the mass exodus those seeking more truth than what is typically experienced in organized religion; the five-fold ministry was no longer a term simply used in the new testament; and a hunger for true Sonship emerged as thousands began in earnest to seek, hear, and obey.

Fast forward, late 2007, early 2008; new year, new season, new beginning: most sensed something new on the near horizon. Specific words emerged throughout the prophetic community about a new season and times of refreshing; a time in which all stolen will be returned – a year of recovery! A year in which clear and concise instruction will be heard as never before – a year of great change! We heard that the Spiritual landscape was about to change; that God would use the simple things of this world to confound the wise, and that 2008 would usher in a time of the miraculous, that would be a further sign of an even greater move of God. We heard that while the land would continue to suffer famine, God‘s people would be spared, and raised up for just such a time as this – a time in which God would reveal His people by His obvious hand of favor and blessing upon them. We also began to hear that a time of great separation was upon us as God separated the wheat from the chaff, the true from the false, the real from the unreal. True God motivated ministry would emerge with specific ministries appointed by God to specific assignments. God warned us not to be an immovable object; but to remain open to new faces, new places and new environments of His choosing. The chaos, disorder, and pain of the past would be replaced by the divine government of God in all aspects of our spiritual, personal, and professional lives, as destiny emerges in an entire spiritual generation.

God reintroduced us to real spiritual warfare – to effectual and fervent prayer led of God to accomplish His purposes, and not necessarily ours. A time in which God’s purpose with me is more important to me than me. He has caused us to understand today’s Spiritual relevance to the word ‘warrior,’ and why, without the heart of one, the season we are entering will be difficult. Warfare is back; the angelic host abound to beckon to our Spirit ordered instruction. Everything is centered upon intimacy with the Father; a time when it is no longer enough to know and serve God; but to hear and obey Him daily. Movement outside the leading of the Spirit, or acts done presumptuously will have grave consequences. We have entered a time in which the Father’s voice to us has been amplified, and those whose attention to Him, even during times of refreshing, most especially during the times of refreshing that lay just ahead, will be used to a much greater degree than those frolicking in the blessing. Complete obedience to life instruction, business instruction, ministry instruction will allow provision to come in unprecedented measure – old ceilings will indeed become new floors. It is, however, critical to understand that the connection between obedience and provision will be unmistakable. As we take care of God’s house, He will take care of ours.

We, as individuals, and we, as a Church are in a time of GREAT TRANSITION:

Word Given on February 18th, 2008 – “Recognize, as strongly as you have ever seen, I am transitioning the Church. I am taking you (the Church) to a place beyond recognition. This next place I am transitioning you to will be attained with such speed that the normal barriers to entry will not be seen or felt. The Church is experiencing a major transition of my doing – a metamorphic move for all the world to see. My favor and blessing will begin to speed up – I tell you these things before they happen. Mark this day as the beginning of an extraordinary journey!”

Word Given Bill Burns on March 17th, 2008 – “You are about to break through on every level. You will break out of every lace of discrepancy and every place that has been hindered. You are about to break through into the goodness of the Lord. It will come, not because of your own doing, but simply because it is time. It is a new season and a new beginning of days for you, and breakthrough is imminent. Now turn your eyes of faith upon Me and begin to express jubilation in this very week, and you shall have a time of jubilee, which will come from the goodness of My own hand and from the brightness of My Spirit to your spirit. I about to give you great joy and peace. My love shall overshadow you and cause you to remember the greatness of My love for you. It is time for a new birth as My Church takes its rightful place on the earth in a position of power, glory and revelation. It is time to step aside from who you have been and re-identify yourself for this season as My child, dedicated to My purposes, empowered, and anointed that you may become a blessing as one chosen and sent, says the Lord.”

Word Given on March 28th, 2008 – “Times of refreshing are at hand. The worst is behind you – you will see increase from here. I am separating (clearly dividing) works of the flesh from works of the spirit in My Church. I am bringing a new work, new era, and new season – joy being the significant sign that it has begun. CHANGE ABOUNDS. The Church has entered a time in which effectual and fervent prayer will avail much as you frequently journey into the inner chamber of My Throne Room. I will move mountains (obstacles and hindrances) during your travail and intercession, and carry you to victory in the physical natural world you live in. Arise, arise, arise My Church in anointing, power, and influence as you are appointed to ‘correct things that concern me.’ Release, as always, is your key to victory. ‘Unless a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abides alone; but if it die it brings forth much fruit’ (John 12:24). I am establishing My Governmental Order (authority) in the earth today (My forcefully advancing Kingdom), and violent (obedient unto death) men take it by force. Those who have travailed from the watchtower know the truth decreed by these words. Nothing can stop what I am about to do in the earth today – a new era has begun!”

Word Given Marsha Burns on April 7th, 2008 – “Be careful that you do not misread or misinterpret the signs of the season. Chaos is succumbing to order in ways that you have not yet thought of. This work is by My Spirit and will require you to be willing and flexible. Do not rebel against this important work or become stubborn or hard-headed, but rather yield quickly. If you will discern My plans and purposes, you will be able to see the larger picture and know that this transformation is not just about you. It has to do with you as part of the whole. Go with the flow, says the Lord.”

Word Given Marsha Burns on April 10th, 2008 – “You are in a time of recovery when you will have opportunities to retrieve what has been lost or taken from you. Refuse to get discouraged, for this is a process of reclaiming and taking back what the enemy has stolen. Encourage yourself in faith that I am with you and for you, and I will lead you in the way of victory. This is a path that you have not yet traveled, but I will make your steps sure and steadfast. You will neither stumble or fall, says the Lord.”

God often speaks through signs and events. Several weeks ago I ordered a tape series from Bill Burns entitled ‘Covenant of Victory.’ Bill, for those who don’t know, speaks some of the most powerful and relative prophetic words being spoken today. He specifically speaks to what God is doing in His Church today and, in my opinion, has prophetic grasp on Spiritual Seasons like no one I’ve heard. Bill talks about, in this series, the Lakeland Outpouring. He relates a time beyond this outpouring, the season to follow this outpouring – a new era and Spiritual time (the Kingdom Age). He compares this move in Lakeland to two other moves of God, both in Florida – Lakeland with Rodney Howard Brown, and Brownsville (Pensacola). Bill reads from I Kings 18, and cites the three times water was ordered upon the sacrifice. I won’t take the lengthy time to explain the correlation of these scriptures to what is happening in Florida,, but suffice it to say Bill ties the relevance of three water outpourings on the sacrifice to the three outpourings in Florida. The three water outpourings were the precursor to Elisha calling down fire; a fire so strong and demonstrative that it consumed the sacrifice, the water, and the stones that contained the water. It caused the people to cry “The Lord, He is God!”

Yes, we are moving beyond the 3rd Outpouring, and yes, we have moved beyond the Third Day, or the third third as Arthur has spoken of for years. We are moving into a 4th Dimension of sorts…I see it but don’t know exactly what I am seeing – Kingdom Age?

Now, here is where this prophetic story takes legs. We haven’t had Arthur in Hinesville for well over a year, and felt that unless God instructed us, to simply have him here for the sake of having him here was wrong. If God doesn’t call it, I want no part of it! In early January 2008, God said we were to receive Arthur this year; that when he came he would be bring confirmation to something fresh and new, and what emerged from our meeting was of such power that the revelation came in the form of an impartation.

Arthur informed us that while yet a young man, God had spoken to him about seeing the end of an Age, and the beginning of the next; that he would live long enough to experience this. Arthur, did in fact, see much of the Church Age, and traveled with and saw the healing miracles of Smith Wigglesworth. He saw the beginning of what was to become decades of healing outpourings that have been a staple of the Church Age; Katherine Kuhlman, Oral Roberts, Benny Hinn, and many others to include individual outpouring such as what we are seeing in Florida today. As Arthur told us of this, he added that he was headed to Lakeland. When he did, my brother, Steve Sikes, who has watched the revival for 70 plus nights on God TV, arose and told our group that Bob Jones, the prophet, had spoken from the pulpit (on God TV) several nights earlier and stated that God had shown him a man (from Wales) who was the only man alive today that witnessed the outpourings from Wigglesworth’s ministry – Arthur is 96 years young, who would come to Lakeland as a sign of this outpouring, and that this outpouring would usher in the greatest move of God that this earth as seen – a Fourth Dimension of sorts. It is my understanding that Bob Jones did not know Arthur Burt, but others did, and his name was mentioned that night on God TV, as to specifically who Bob Jones was referring to. When Arthur was with us in Hinesville Saturday night, he was not aware his name was mentioned at the revival or on TV, or that anyone was expecting him. He did, however, tell us that he felt compelled to go.

He was on the stage last night , and perhaps will be on tonight. For those who do not get God TV by satellite, it can be viewed on the Web at at 7:00PM EST.

I sense God has shown me many aspects of this new age into which we are moving, but will save this for later. Some of what is written here is sketchy by my standards, and perhaps I have misquoted or misstated some facts here and there; but for the most part, feel I am close to what God wanted stated.

In Him,


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