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Message To A Body Being Built In The Marketplace

Every promise of God has a ‘giant’ standing beside it; but giants have a purpose too. Giants are often used to lead us to truth, most often about ourselves. Coastal Solar is a training ground, a place of learning to power past giants, by grasping and accepting ‘the truth’ necessary to do so. We are learning a lot about ourselves individually and as a team – our stumbling blocks are also our building blocks. We’ve all heard the term, “What doesn’t kill you only makes you better.”


In order for God to bring about success from our failures, the failure must be attended to BY TRUTH. If the truth IS “that the truth will make one free,” then no man is going to get out of his failure UNTIL he has ‘the truth’ about that failure! As Arthur Burt often taught us, “You must own it to disown it.” I must own where I am to disown where I am.


EMBRACE YOUR FAILURE! Stand in the pain of the question until God reveals the answer. Man’s normal tendency is fight or flight when confronted with adversity: God wants us to do neither – STAND until God reveals (to you) His lesson…and ONLY revelation and grace can provide this ability.


Remember – It is not the truth that sets you free, but rather the truth YOU KNOW that has divine power to set you free. The only truth that can set you free is THE TRUTH THAT YOU PERSONALLY KNOW. In conclusion, recognize this truth – Problems guard power! How so? Each problem we face has a solution, when once realized and acted upon, empowers us over that problem forever. 


Coastal Solar has faced many problems as a start up company, in an emerging technology, and an uneducated public. Add to that, a group of people with little experience in solar, even less in business, from very diverse backgrounds, age groups, and ideologies and you have a recipe for disaster; BUT GOD HAD A PLAN. His plan, I am convinced, is the revelation of HIS TRUTHS coming to us individually and collectively – HE is teaching us, as a group, to recognize and solve problems, first in us, then as a team – An Army, the Army Of God working together to build something special; something that will glorify Him in the marketplace: a Kingdom entity disguised as a solar company…now that’s the truth!

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  1. Thank you Clay. Very good and practical word that we all need to embrace. We need one another and the more we accept that the better off we will be and the stronger the Body will be.

  2. Thanks, I am also involved in a start up (people development) and your message is one of huge encouragement.
    See how God prepares the way and show the way!

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