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Other Kingdom Connections

Arthur Burt
“Surrender is the Key to Spiritual Success.”
Arthur Burt resides in Gwynedd, North Wales. He has traveled all over the world to bring the Father’s word of challenge and encouragement. His books are worth the reading!

John Lancaster is dedicated to addressing the major questions of this new and exciting world shift.

Charles E. Newbold, Jr.
Online writings, books, and information about a dear brother in Christ.

Bryon Wiebold
Website for The Forerunner Ministry (Bryon Wiebold)

Morris Ruddick
Global Initiatives Foundation – Interlinking Business Enterprises and Professional Services with Overriding Ministry Objectives.

Bill and Marsha Burns
Spirit of Prophecy / Faith Tabernacle website

Art Katz
A spokesman for the Lord, a mouthpiece, and an author. Art is a prophetic man who has a great sense of his responsibility before God. Visit his website for a list of resources.

Open Heaven is a KINGDOM/Apostolic/Organic Church portal.

Frank Viola
Frank’s site is dedicated to the centrality and supremacy of the Lord Jesus Christ, the restoration of God’s eternal purpose, and the organic expression of the church.

T. Austin-Sparks
Theodore Austin-Sparks left behind a treasury of messages filled with wisdom, life, and revelation of Christ.

Free Bible Software

The Word
EXCELLENT bible software, including a portable version and multiple add-in libraries if you prefer.

Free Bible study software for Windows.

Bible Explorer
It’s easy to use, it’s packed with powerful features.

Bible Software – Best Software Review
This link has an excellent review of the available software packages (both free and commercial).

Suggested Reading

 Morris Ruddick

Morris Ruddick is the founder of Global Initiatives Foundation ( and the Strategic Intercession Global Network – SIGN ( As an entrepreneur, consultant and business owner, he has led development of entrepreneurial activities in critical needy areas and brought together combined business-charity initiatives across the globe, with a focus on facilitating economic community development in challenging economic environments.

Morris has written several books which we highly recommend. They can be obtained from by clicking on the links below.

The Joseph Daniel Calling
The Heart of a King
God’s Economy, Isreal and the Nations

Don Atkin

Free Download—DISCIPLING THE NATIONS, One person at the time. Open and copy the book file to your computer.

Jesus commanded His disciples to make disciples of the nations, not merely lead people in a “salvation prayer.” The discipling of nations will eventually transform societies and cultures, to the end that our prayers will be answered: Your kingdom come, Your will be done in the earth as it is in heaven. The prophetic proclamation will be realized: The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever! (24 pages)

Other books by Don Atkin:

A Compassionate Plea for Reformation
An Apostles’ Role Among the Priesthood of Believers
Connecting the Dots
The Heart of the Apostolic Ministry
Apostolic Migration—The Economy of the Kingdom

Bill Burns

Third Day Church

Copyright 2001 by Bill D. Burns
P. O. Box 1148
Kremmling, CO 80459

Published by River of Life Publishing
P.O. Box 1085

Kremmling, CO 80459   U.S.A.

ISBN 097-10-7090-3

Ron McGatlin

Kingdom Growth Guides

Free PDF Download—Kingdom Growth Guides
Also available as a Free Word Document Download

The 52 Kingdom Growth Guides are based on and updated from the books Overcoming Life On A Small Planet and The Seventh Millennium, They are focused on the current transition from religion to relationship and are useful for individual and small group transformation. (294 pages)


The first lesson is profound and extremely important.  It stresses the need to have “spiritual eyes and ears.” ONLY those with spiritual eyes and ears are able to hear the gospel of the Kingdom.