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Spiritual Gilgal – 2008

What is really happening today spiritually? The depth of what we are seeing was unimaginable only a few years back. There is a tearing, a clear an obvious separation and exposure of flesh that is being purged from the Body of Christ individually and corporately. God is preparing a true remnant; men and women who are dead, yet live only for His cause in the earth. The fires of affliction have been very hot, as God’s true remnant church is reaching the final stage of preparation before being released into divine, power-filled, God ordained destiny. The common thread running throughout this remnant company is their lack of being bound by tradition, and a true existence of living by faith.

The dynamics of being on earth today are perhaps like no other time; as the world’s system is falling apart at the seams and failing its many suitors; minister and ministries are being revealed for their true intentions, as true prophetic ministries (no-name nobodies) are finding their fit with those to whom they are called. Many big name prophetic ministries are being called into question as to their true discernment, monetary motive, and less than accurate prophetic words. Still, many in the Body are blinded by the blight of big ministries, big ministers, big meetings, and big money; yet, I believe God will use the prophetic ministry in a big way, but not through those who call and title themselves as such.

There is a movement in the earth today that you will not see on ‘God TV, read about on the Elijah List, nor see on what is commonly called Christian TV. This move of God is coming about in the hearts of men and women as God is directing us to truth and connecting us with others of like faith. A spiritual DNA is coursing the veins of those ‘called together;’ that recognize this is not in a geographical joining, but rather a joining in a deep abiding understanding of the times and hour in which we live. This is unlike any time in the earth as the wheat is surely being separated from the chaff, the sheep from the wolves, and the Kingdom from the world’s system. With this understanding, think it not a strange thing to see the collapse of the real estate and financial markets, the exposure of the events of Lakeland, and the blatant separation between the ‘sleeping church’ and those who are awakening.

We are sitting in a spiritual Gilgal, awaiting our next command; and yes this circumcision is painful, but the journey we are about to take will make it all ‘worth it.’

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