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Tabernacles – Highlights From 102 Year Old Arthur Burt (Prior To Death In 2014)

Tabernacles – Highlights From 102 Year Old Arthur Burt (Prior To Death In 2014)

One of the greatest signs that Tabernacles is emerging (in us) is a changed heart, no longer thinking in terms of getting my needs met, but rather “Use me Lord, I offer myself. Fill me full of your purpose, hope, and destiny. Forgive me of living my life unto myself; allow me to live the remainder of my life unto you. I stand ready Lord – use me!” When I’m stuck in the dispensational mindset of Pentecost, I am always focused on getting my problems solved, my needs met – looking to God for the next life raft. In Tabernacles, I go from defense to the offense; I transition to ‘useful instrument in the hands of God.’ Now, it is not about my business, but His. Now, I am into a flow of being about the Father’s business. Now I am living in fullness. The River of Life is flowing, and I am ‘in it!’

When the day of Pentecost was fully come, the Spirit of God moved and the Church was birthed, and the Church Age began. This started at a specific place at a specific time in a dominate condition – “They were all in one mind and one accord.” Place and time matter as we are catching a wave of God. Surfers cannot ride a wave unless they are in the right place at exactly the right time. The wave of Tabernacles has come – getting in the right place at the right time is important. How you may ask? God-appointed ‘assembly’ and God-appointed ‘connections.’ You will know them by their fruit – you will know by the witness in you as to who you are ‘connected’ to. Tabernacles is about fullness – the connected Body ‘JOINED’ to its specific parts; all in one mind and one accord moving by the leadership of the Head.

When we, as individual parts, begin to realize that we belong to the Body of Christ – that we are part of something much bigger, we lose our self-identity and gain our identity in Christ. We function in our gifts in service to the Body at the behest of the Head, Jesus. Our part has a specific function, and when we are ‘functioning’ as God made us to do, fulfilling His plan in our lives, we are living life to its fullest, to its fullness in Tabernacles because Tabernacles is fullness. As Arthur has often stated, “Those who will walk in and embrace the fullness of Tabernacles will recognize that God will not give credit to another, and PRIDE takes credit and when it does, The Blessing, Power, and Grace of God is lifted. This is the governing factor; it is the controlling issue – God will not share His glory…Pride is leaven – it puffs up and destroys the plan and work of God. IF YOU ARE PREPARED FOR A GREAT WORK OF GOD, OR TO RECEIVE A GREAT BLESSING FROM GOD REMEMBER (and never forget), THE LEVEN, THE PRIDE, IS BIRTHED IN ‘THE BLESSING’ THAT OFTEN BEGINS THE DOWNFALL.” God wishes to break this cycle through an inward humility that never leaves us.

The John 17:22 experience will not manifest until you have an Isaiah 42:8 understanding. The power is for the extension of the Kingdom, for the glory of God, and if He cannot trust me to credit Himself for the power, enablement, and inducement, then the “glory” is not safe. It is never ever about ‘what I do,’ but rather ‘why I do it,’ and the answer should always be ‘The Glory of God.’ “Thine is the Kingdom, power, and glory of God” – Romans 2: 28-29. All things are Of Him, Through Him, and To Him – Romans 8:36. All things, everything! God has an absolute monopoly – nothing is left out. And that which is Of Him must go through Him, and back to Him…Not for a moment should we “keep it,” for keeping it is to believe we did it, and here is where leaven (pride) is birthed, leaven is born, and the glory is touched.

So many have been used of God mightily, but the danger always is the pride that comes by and through their success. It is the Achilles heel – the one vulnerable spot where men can lose out with God. It is not when He is wrong, but out of ‘truth’ is born leaven, pride. Pride come out of blessing. Pride comes out of an arrival of truth. Pride, the leaven, is birthed not out of failure, but success – it is the most dangerous time. Decay sets in and rottenness is the result.

Resurrection and restoration is happening even now: A remnant company is ‘coming out’ as blessing and favor, replace years and years of desolation and despair. Let us pray now that humility always be with us no matter what our testimony, anointing, or gifting may be. Restoration need not be the catalyst for another downfall lest we rob God of His glory. Success and favor is coming to the Body of Christ – Be prepared!

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