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The Path of Life

God’s Word tells us that He sees ALL THINGS from beginning to end. He ORDERS our steps and tells us that “all things WORK TOGETHER for our good.” The word tells us that “we only SEE IN PART,” and often “through the glass darkly,” meaning we don’t see the big picture (exactly what God is doing in our lives). We only see the part we are facing today without seeing the whole plan, and often judge from that limited perspective. We are told that we are NOT TO LEAN UPON OUR OWN UNDERSTANDING, NOT to judge from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

What we often judge as bad is nothing more than God exerting pressure to produce His purpose. We are so limited in our own understanding. We often look at opposition as bad, when in fact a mighty work is taking place, in us, for good. Human understanding cannot discern this.

From these simple points, we begin to see the inferiority of intellectual understanding compared to the superiority of spiritual discernment. One form of understanding must die, such that the other may live. This IS the transition into the Kingdom of God upon the earth – peace, righteousness, and joy in the Holy Spirit. You live by the spirit or the flesh – the flesh kills while the spirit gives life. Mixture is double-mindedness in pure form!

It is very true we are locked into a human body in a world governed by the systems of men – the world’s system. We are surrounded by human understanding, reasoning, and intellectual pride. We are raised to depend upon SELF for all things. SELF DEPENDENCE is the natural gravity that holds us to ‘the world;’ but take heart, THE KINGDOM HAS COME and the world’s gravity can hold you no longer. The Path of Life is from ‘the world’ into the Kingdom, as ‘self-dependence’ transitions into God-dependence. It is the old adage, “Let go and let God.”

When we accept that all things are OF, THROUGH, and TO God, we begin to see and accept His Will in our lives, even when it makes no sense in the realm of reason. I was first impacted by this revelation shortly after an aged Arthur Burt lost his wife. When greeted with sorrowful condolences about his recent loss, Arthur explained that we shouldn’t be sorry. “It is in the plan,” he explained. When our trust for God and His Will is great within us, we can, as Paul wrote, learn to be content no matter the circumstances of life. We can live in His Rest without worry, doubt, fear, or mistrust. Perfect love (for the Father) cast out all fear. Perfected love is TRUST in its deepest form – I trust my life with a God I cannot see! Arthur’s 85 year ministry is an impartation of this truth.

Our gravest enemy in fighting this battle is our own bias – our history of being our own God. BIAS IS THE GRANDEST FORM OF DECEPTION BECAUSE THE LIE HAS GREAT FOOD TO FEED THE HUNGER. THIS FOOD IS THE BASIS FOR WHAT WE RECEIVE AS TRUTH – SELF’S INTERPRETATION. Yes, we must learn to think differently – to think with the mind of the Spirit. The Path of Life is to journey beyond human reasoning; to escape into the world of God’s Spirit where trust, peace, and joy reign. This place lacks the human propensity to judge everything by our human standards and bias. To eat from the Tree of Life, we must forego The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (the deadly fruit that distanced Adam and Eve from the garden).

God is courting his people back into the garden; the place where toil and strain are no more – a place where every need is met, every battle won, and every heart lives in peace. The Kingdom on Earth! This journey begins when we become sick and tired of being sick and tired. As Arthur once stated, “Nothing changes until the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of change.”

The Path of Life is leading us into a second awakening of sorts – Christ in us, the hope of glory! The Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.


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