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The Push Versus The Flow

The burden of life rest with those who don’t know ‘the flow.’ For those who do know, “the Kingdom has come and His will is being done on earth as it is in heaven.” Does this mean there is a little slice of heaven upon earth? Perhaps! But of greater significance, the way God operates in heaven is also the way He operates on earth – God speaks, we listen and obey!

Until the time of his disobedience, Adam experienced life in the Kingdom; a place of peace, provision, joy and communion with God. As with many Christians today, Adam found that disobedience introduced toil and strain for provision, no peace and joy; and an inability to hear God. Unfortunately, many in the Body of Christ relate more to Adam’s second state rather than his first. The purpose of this writing is to stir us and steer us to that pre-fall state; the place of peace, provision, joy and communion with God – the Kingdom!

As the title indicates, there is a subtle culprit positioned to rob us of our ability to stay in the desired first state rather than the undesirable second. One of the greatest enemies to our inheritance is “human hands” (Galatians 3:3). Works of men apart from the leading of God’s Spirit produces toil, strain, and difficulty (Genesis 3:17). As the old adage goes, “Ask me how I know?”

We have all been guilty of ‘pushing’ things to suit us instead of simply waiting upon the Lord. ‘Pushing’ takes human effort and often ends in disappointment and confusion; while getting in ‘the flow’ will gracefully bring all God has for us. During a time of deep prayer God once spoke the following: “When you start I stop; when you stop, I start.”

“Stopping” in this sense is not the absence of activity, but rather the absence of efforts outside of God’s leading. Jesus said in John 5:30, “Of my own self, I can do nothing.”

When we transition from being our own God and allow the Lord to be our God, we draw an invisible line in the spiritual sand that says, “I allow and invite you God to do what you want in my life.” We have all heard the worn out but truthful phrase, “Let go and let God.” Most of us are willing to let go for a while, but if we do not see the fruit we seek in relative short order, we move on to Plan B.

Fleecers always have a Plan B. Fleecers ALWAYS have a “Come, let us build…” mentality. Building (doing) is their well intended substitute for a deep and true relationship with the Father.

How do we move into the promises of God? The word tells us through faith AND PATIENCE (perseverance, endurance, waiting upon the Lord, and only moving by His Spirit). Many are developing faith without faith’s most necessary ingredient, patience.

Life in ‘the flow’ is a joy: Life in ‘the push’ is a burden. Our own life is our testimony and reveals which of these two methods we live by. ‘The Push’ is our way; ‘The Flow’ is God’s way. Those who are always in the ‘hurry mode’ are likely candidates for ‘The Push,’ while those who stop, look, and listen, are candidates for ‘The Flow.’

As Christians we are suppose to be different from our worldly brothers, yet more often than not we are motivated by need, desire, and ambition. As my friend Arthur Burt often says, “It’s not what you do, but why you do it.” If the motive did not originate with God you are moving in dangerous territory. We often move apart from the leading of the Holy Spirit and wonder why turmoil, confusion, and lack dictate our lives. Presumption in Sarah’s life created the Muslim nation, which is the nemesis of Christianity today. Presumption for a Christian is nothing more than assuming the role of God in our lives. It is living in the outer court with little knowledge of ‘hearing and obeying’ God. “Those that are led by the Spirit of God ARE the sons of God” (Romans 8:14). Sonship comes ONLY to those who move by the leading of God’s Spirit.

Sadly, we often don’t know the difference between God’s Spirit and our own good intentions. While it is true that God is good; all good (works) are not appointed or called of God. We often jump at job, business, ministry and even marriage opportunities apart from the leading of God’s Spirit. “Ishmael” is the result. Why is it that Ishmael must seemingly always precede Isaac? I am probably not the only Christian on earth with a yard full of Ishmaels.

Those who choose to live by fleeces, open and closed doors, and other such physical signs have seldom tasted the sweetness of the internal witness, which is God’s true way of leading HIS OWN. “My sheep hear my voice; the voice of a stranger they will not hear” (John 10:27). The words, “My sheep” are possessive: those who truly belong to Him “HEAR!” Physical signs are a poor substitute for those who lack a deep enough relationship to yet “HEAR.”

As with most outer court Christians, they must see rather than hear, yet “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen.” They are the first to bail when things don’t go perfect, and in so doing often miss the blessing of God. Their immaturity calls for signs and open doors instead of simply obeying God. Some of the greatest examples of the Lord’s wonderful favor can be found in those who simply endured before seeing the blessing of God – the Bible is full of these examples. They persevered until the time set by the Father. I urge you to read Galatians 4:1-7 for a greater understanding of this.

Another observation about maturity – time and titles often mean little as to true spiritual maturity. Some of the least mature folks I know come from the ranks of ‘full time’ ministry, and conversely, some of the most mature come from the ranks of ‘common people’ who use their faith everyday to survive.

Everything in the Kingdom starts small. That is why the word gives us definitive instruction to “Despise not small beginnings.” As Christians, we can and often do miss the mark because we confuse entitlement with expectation. God wants us to humbly ‘expect’ and reject prideful ‘entitlement.’ We mistakenly think we should start at the top instead of the bottom; we don’t want to get our hands dirty, and sometimes think the Body of Christ owes us. We have become lazy and unwilling to persevere. We allow our traditions and wrong thinking to tell us things contrary to what God is truly saying.

Often our traditions prevent God from speaking to us. I have personally experienced and often witness situations in which the provision and blessing of God is missed due to stout tradition, most of which emanates from wrong doctrine.

God is raising an Army (Joel 2:1-11) who accurate ‘hear’ and ‘obey.’ Their testimony is one of strength, power, and victory (Revelation 12:11). You know them by the Spirit and their testimony. They will walk their talk and talk their walk, and only lead others in their God-appointed sphere. They will never ‘push’ but allow God’s ‘flow’ to dictate their lives and those to whom they are appointed. They are the new breed of minister devoid of religious spirits and personal agendas, totally sold out to Him.

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