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The Shift Is Beginning

The Shift Is Beginning

The shift is beginning; first fruits are appearing as manifested sons awaken to the power and authority invested in them. I awakened this morning with clear words in my spirit, “The Shift is beginning, the shift is beginning, the shift is beginning.” Three times in succession I heard these words. Now, with my spiritual ear attuned, I hear additional words, “first fruits are appearing, first fruits are appearing, first fruits are appearing.” As I examine my own life, truly I see and sense the same – “The shift (from the past and all associated with it) IS BEGINNING); as FIRST FRUITS ARE APPEARING (newness of life, and it more abundantly).”

The enemy has feared the appearance of true manifested sons, fighting them to maintain his sphere of dominance in the world; robbing them of knowledge of their true authority. But now an ‘awakening’ is taking place, as these ‘sons’ recognize the appointed authority and power invested in them before the foundation of the earth. “Who is this uncircumcised giant taunting the army of the living God?” “Am I not sending you?” “You are appointed to reign and rule, not be ruled!” “Take your appointed position, recognizing the authority (in you) to rule over the circumstances of life.”

Yes, there is physical evidence in the form of first fruits (first the blade, then the ear, then the full corneal in the ear, then the harvest) for the Lord’s first fruits harvest of manifested sons upon this earth. Look around and see – we are moving beyond what ‘has been,’ to what was once beyond, to what now IS.

Awaken to His power within; come alive to the authority invested in you. Manifest O son of the Most High God!

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  1. Good word and true. Arise shine for our light has come
    I know you didn’t understand what I shared with you a few years ago but this is that and
    Ok you probably do not remember. God Bless you and keep you

  2. Thank you for sharing this word. At the end of last month the Lord spoke to me, “Get ready for the shift!” Also, at the beginning of June the Lord showed my husband a picture of a stick shift and he felt the Lord was saying that there was a shift coming in the Spirit…a speeding up of things and of His will being accomplished. In conjunction with these words, the Lord has been giving us words and visions about the Lord birthing something new and to expect things to happen suddenly. We are encouraged!

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