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Transition Requires Change

Many Christians today face levels of ‘uncertainty’ in unparallel proportion. To the degree ’uncertainty’ looms, to that same degree are we headed for major ’transition.’ This is written to those of us mired in the rut of sameness, bound by circumstance and situation, and constrained by the events of life that create walls of containment. For many, this is financial in nature. For others, it is all encompassing – health, healing, vocational, relational, geographical. These often painful surroundings share a common thread – UNCERTAINTY!

We are living in extraordinarily uncertain times, and to a great extent everyone lives with a degree of uncertainty; but for an appointed ‘son’ (daughter) your uncertainty is about to explode into God-appointed ‘transition.’ To the degree we face uncertainty, and to the same degree we remain at peace and totally flexible, to that same degree are we totally prepared to ‘transition into the emerging Kingdom’ (upon earth). Rest always precedes restoration just as anxiety reveals a lack of trust. We either (in His rest) trust God for whatever we face, or we don’t – anxiety reveals the difference! The Kingdom is peace, righteousness, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Some years ago the Holy Spirit whispered a natural and supernatural phenomenon to me – “Anything growing will change: stay open, stay flexible for all true growth will require change.” Never put your tent pegs so deep in the ground such that when the cloud moves you cannot move with it. All growth requires change – it cannot be avoided. Many have lived for years with visions, hopes, dreams, and what they considered the promises of God – destiny. Yet years of spiritual and physical stagnancy seem to have done little to advance the cause. It is during these times of seeming nothingness that God is doing His greatest work, often circumcising our hearts, killing our hopes, dreams, and vision. And yes, this is painful, but unless a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abides alone, but if it dies it brings forth much fruit (John 12:24). Abraham faced this exact situation with Isaac. He had to be willing to die to the promise for God to raise it up.

The change stagnant periods bring to us is the death of a vision, a promise, a hope; but a death so necessary for life. Once we let go, and let things die within us, we now enable God to raise ‘it’ up the way He desires, and if He doesn’t it wasn’t Him to begin with. I painfully stood for my first marriage for almost a decade of my life, but finally let it die. Ironically, the day I did (within minutes) He brought me Tracy, who this March will have given me 19 years of Christian love, and a soon-to-be 13 year old daughter. Just as we should never marry our possessions, so too must we leave room for ‘change’ in our vision. A key to arriving at God’s appointed place is our willingness to remain flexible and willing to ‘transition’ to the new place. Transition will never take place UNTIL we embrace change. The traditions of men (preconceived notions) make God’s words to us to no affect.

Often the changes we are asked to embrace are painful because of what we must ‘leave behind.’ The difference between the “many who are called, and the few who are chosen” is the discipline to “leave behind,” as often this place is the place most familiar and comfortable – churches, families, loved ones, homes, communities, jobs, businesses, ministries, countries, etc., THE TRANSITION I AM SPEAKING OF TODAY CAN BE AND OFTEN IS PAINFUL. “Few” will willingly put themselves in painful and often more uncertain circumstances.

The whole creation is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God. The sons are now manifesting, and each day brings greater clarity as to who they really are, and of equal importance, who they are not! A true son is a dead man walking – a man (woman) whose agenda is not his own; whose life is surrendered (totally) to the will of God.

2010 is launching enormous ‘transition’ with those who have surrendered their lives completely, including their visions, hopes, and dreams (the most difficult things in the life of a Christian to surrender). Those who will embrace being stripped today will be the very operatives of God upon whose authority and power the emerging Kingdom will operate by.

As I cried out to God for a confirmation about this word, He spoke clearly Psalm 16:11 to me – “You have made known to me the path of life.” The path to life is staying ‘surrendered totally.’ By willingly surrendering everything to God, including your dreams, plans, and visions, you allow God to burn at the alter all the wood, straw, hay, and stubble that was not His to begin with. What remains through the fire is the gold of God. Gold won’t fold when the heat comes – everything else will. What remains will be purified and fit for the master’s use. Our true purpose in life comes by giving it up.

Many are called, few are chosen. Morris Ruddick writes, “It involves an alignment with God reflecting not one vestige of variation between His will and our will. Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.” The cost pivots on truly knowing God’s heart and entering that place where it is not what we do for God, but rather what we allow God to do through us. “It is no longer I who lives, but Christ who lives in me.”

Allow yourself to be placed upon the alter of God. Release everything to Him, and thus allow Him to bring forth a transitioning in 2010 beyond your ability to comprehend

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