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Vision: Manifested Sons, Coming Into Alignment by Janet Martin

by Janet Martin

I saw a multitude of people standing, more than I could count and they were peering upward and I saw the spirit realm above them, clouds moving as …if a great wind was moving them, some very dark, and then mixed grey and white clouds all mingled together, swirling, and then I saw what appeared to be lighting flashing, piercing the clouds, it seemed fierce! Coming from heaven, straight through these clouds and directly upon the people standing on the ground, that were looking up, this continued happening for a time, then the lighting seemed to get brighter and more intense! And then I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, watch! And then I saw great openings were forming in the clouds above them, And the lighting grew in intensity and the light that shined grew! It was like looking at many suns, they were that bright, and I said ” Lord what is this” And the Lord said, ‘look’. And I could see multitudes of people sitting in Christ Jesus the Lord, the Redeemer. And I could see the presence of the Living God flowing from the throne, rivers of light, living, flowing over and through them, and I saw them speak words, that came from the Father of Lights, and as they spoke the words that left there mouths we’re like lighting flashes, as it left there mouths it pierced space itself through the heavens all the way to earth, to where they we’re standing and then connected to their bodies.

Then I saw them being transformed, they became illuminated and began to shine, and this continued for a time, as this lighting would touch one then another, it was as if the very light grew and it began to touch the ones on every side of them! I then said Lord, and it was as if He knew what I was going to ask! He said, ‘I told you the river of fire was flowing from the throne, and to tell the people to rise up, and take their place, the place that I prepared for My Body and My Bride, and to tell them that the Father was releasing the Spirit of Favor and the Spirit of Faith, and now He is releasing the Spirit of Revelation, like never before! So when they begin to speak, it is connecting in a dimension they have never seen or experienced until now. It is an open heaven, an open portal, for this was the plan of My Father, from the very beginning! So as My Spirit has moved and spoken to them, moving them and drawing them now is the time for the son’s and daughter’s to arise, for all of creation has waited for this time to be released’. For it was said,” and from the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent shall take it by force”

For this is the time and this is the season of the body of Christ coming into alignment, and the plan being unfolded in the hearts of the church, for the force that is being released in the earth now, has not been seen since the beginning and the darkness is fleeing from it’s presence! For now is the time of complete healing and restoration of the former and the latter, the two streams that have flowed side by side now coming together as one, the former rain and the latter rain coming down from My Father upon the body! So prepare, prepare for this is the time of great revelation, for the mystery is being unveiled, and this is the beginning of the outpouring, for now is the the time of the gathering, of the harvest.
For the Apostles and the Prophets to stand together as one, with an Apostolic anointing, releasing to the body of Christ the gifts that are within them, walking in high places and functioning under the anointing that I have given them!’

For you have not seen or imagined in your hearts what the Father has prepared for those who love Him and are standing in faith in this hour! So rejoice and be glad for this is the day of the Lord! For the heavens are rejoicing over this release, and the Angelic hosts that have been prepared, are being released into the Earth as we speak, for this time, this is the hour! If you have an ear to hear, hear what the Spirit of God is saying, rise up and release what the Father is saying!

For this is a time of great peace and rest for My people! Have not the prophets spoken of this time, so arise and declare the word of the Living God! For this is the time the Fathers of old saw and longed for! So walk in it Children of God! For it is raining and the glory of God is flowing and it is covering the earth as never before, for even those who have been wounded, those who have been rejected, those who have been cast out, will see and be healed and restored. Think not in your own heart, I know this, for no man has seen this but the Father has prepared this for this time! A time of restoration and healing. Don’t look to the left or to the right, but look up, for this is for you. So rejoice and be exceedingly glad! For the Father is calling to you, to rest and to see, for the plan has been prepared before the foundation of time, so rest in the Lord your God! For He has prepared the way for you, yield and see His glory as never before!!

Praise God forever more. Amen!

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