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We Have Entered A New Spiritual Era

Dear List Members,

Though I have not written as much lately, it has not been for lack of things to share, but rather how to put recent experiences into meaningful testimony. I have not fallen off the face of the earth, but rather spent much of the past two months traveling. Much more is scheduled in the near future as we are beginning to accept ministry invitations all over the country. I have, for the most part, sat still for almost 15 years, but now feel God’s nudge to move out. God has blessed us in a way financially to be able to travel and be away more. I will continue to write as the Spirit of God leads.

In Him,


God has been speaking much to me recently, and to the greatest extent ever, revealing Himself in the physical realm. Have you noticed a higher intensity in Spiritual matters? Have you noticed that faith is required in greater measure? Have you noticed the consequences of wrong decisions (function without unction) becoming greater? Have you heard God’s loud ‘silence?’ Have you noticed greater physical evidence of God’s hand? Have you noticed a greater level of God’s authority operating in your life? Have you noticed unfamiliar territory and new terrain? Do you feel a bit uncomfortable in this new ‘place?’ Are you beginning to catch a glimpse of your real destiny? If you can relate to some or all of the above questions, you will recognize the season we are now entering as God’s governmental order (Isaiah 9:6-9) coming upon the earth – “May God’s Kingdom come, and His will be done on earth” (Psalm 23).

The result of this order is a transforming from the spiritual into the physical. The known presence, power, favor, and disfavor of God is finding its way into the earth in unprecedented ways, as the government of God, the Kingdom, is being established in our lives individually, and in the earth corporately. Many are seeing the fulfillment of physical manifestation of God’s promises in their life. As has affectionately and jokingly been stated, God has changed His last name from “GONNA” to “IS.” Obedience seems now to produce immediate results, as does disobedience, and in some cases spiritual ignorance (Hosea 4:6). Just as obedience is releasing many positive things, conversely disobedience, and to some extent spiritual ignorance, producing negative situations.

It is imperative to understand that these seemingly negative results are not ‘punishment’ but ‘correction,’ especially for those whose destiny is marked for this hour in which we live. The consequences of moving under the unction of the Spirit seem now to produce spontaneous physical evidence, while things done apart from the Spirit also produce spontaneous physical evidence. We are late in the season and the consequences of error are more costly than ever. “Those that are led by the Spirit of God ARE THE SONS OF GOD” (Romans 8:14). “The whole creation is groaning for the manifestation of God’s Sons.” Many are now coming in contact with “Those who are led…” and the result is a “sharpening.” The Holy Ghost bomb that split the Church in many different directions is now causing the parts of the Body that are called to be joined, to join.

There is a coming together as specific parts unite with specific purpose. As these parts form, they will join other formed parts, as ultimately the Body of Christ unites in one common purpose. The true government of God is coming into the earth corporately and individually. All of God’s government begins with SELF. As God’s correction eventually brings our self-government into (complete) submission to the Holy Spirit, God graciously expands our boundaries. Often we have jumped dramatically ahead of God by trying to save the world before we saved our selves and our own families.

The results have been catastrophic, again, not for our punishment but rather correction and training for what is to come. Recognize the hour is which we now live and rule your life by the leading of the Holy Spirit, and as submission becomes greater so too will the boundaries of your sphere of influence.

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